Safety is of utmost priority at our hotels, and we are actively monitoring and constantly evolving to ensure our guests and team members are healthy and safe.

We prioritize guest safety by implementing stringent entry measures, conducting visitor screening, providing wheelchair and stretcher availability, employing secure access systems, and ensuring 24/7 fire safety compliance and monitoring. Additionally, ambulance services are readily available, emphasizing our commitment to guest well-being and safety.

Sanitizers at entry.

Breeze through check-in with our digitized checking in process.

Frequently disinfecting public areas, elevator buttons and surfaces.

All rooms and amenities are cleaned and disinfected after check-out.

Linens are thoroughly washed and disinfected.

Food is prepared fresh, and all ingredients used are of top quality. The kitchens go through rigorous cleaning frequently.

Constantly updating our cleaning policies to achieve maximum hygiene.